Luke.16:19-31. Today we are considering in particular this rich man’s plea to Abraham from hellfire. And from this story we have a lot of lessons to learn. (1) No condition on Earth is permanent. (2) Money, wealth and Earthly possession cannot deliver from the hands of death when it comes. (3) Every unsaved soul will end up in hellfire forever and ever. (4) When a saved believer dies he goes straight to heaven. (5) There is full consciousness after death whether in hell or heaven. (6) There is no change of position or repentance after death. Eccl.11:3. (7) The preaching of the gospel is the responsibility of the living saints’ not dead saints. (8) If a person does not get saved while alive he cannot get saved after he is dead. (9) Whosoever we are not able to reach and save on earth, cannot be reached after death and whatever opportunities we missed today may not be regained. John.9:4. (10) We should show concern and compassion for the souls of living sinners and reach them with the gospel before they die. THE RICH MAN’S CONCERN FOR HIS SINNING RELATIVES Luke.16:27-31. When this rich man died he woke up to the reality of hellfire. It may be when he was here on earth he never believed that there is hellfire. Now with the reality of hellfire the only concern he had was not his money, properties but the souls of his relatives who are still living in sin. We should learn a lesson from this rich man and know that the real thing that matters is the salvation of sinners around us especially our own relations. Rom.9:1-3; Rom.10:1-2. We should not only show concern and compassion but we must add action to it by going to speak to them about the salvation of their souls. There are a lot of people around us all that they are after is money and the things of this world and they are not thinking of the future and their salvation. Mk.8:36-37. THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE LIVING SAINTS Luke.16:29-31; Mk.16:15-16.The responsibility of preaching the gospel to every creature today is the solo responsibilities of the living saints. The saints that have gone like Paul the Apostle, Peter, John, Silas, Timothy, Philip the evangelist, etc cannot come back again to do it. It is our responsibilities today as living saints. Sinners cannot do it, ordinary religious people cannot do it or else they will make them double fold children of hell like the Pharisees. The angels cannot do it today it is after the rapture of the saints during the great tribulation that God will mandate two angels to come and preach the everlasting gospel. It is our responsibilities today to preach the gospel. May the Lord depend on you and me? Isaiah.6:8. There is need for every one of us (saints) to come before the Lord and lay all afresh on the altar of sacrifice and consecration to give ourselves afresh to the preaching of the gospel. If we do it, the Lord will be happy with us and great shall be our reward in heaven. Daniel.12:3. OCCUPY IN SOUL WINNING TILL CHRIST COMES. 

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