BIBLICAL RULES AND PREPARATION FOR CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE: Gen.2:18. And the Lord God said it is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help meet for him. Because marriage is God’s idea not men, God therefore has given us some biblical rules that are to govern Christian marriage as we can see in the word of God. We must note that Christian marriage is far different from worldly marriage as light is different from darkness. Therefore to follow worldly pattern and practice in Christian marriage will spell doom and disaster. This is the reason for high divorce cases in many churches. Let us consider some of these scriptural rules that must be observed in Christian marriage. (1) Gen.2:18. We must allow God to make the choice for us of whom to marriage. The Lord God said I will make him a help meet for him. God only knows who is suitable and compatible to you therefore seek the face of God in sincere prayer. (2) Gen.2:19-20. Marriage is not between a man and an animal. (3) Marriage is not between a boy and a girl, but between a man and a woman. (Matured man and matured woman) Gen.2:21-24. (4) Gen.2:21-24. Marriage is not between a man and another man or a woman and another woman but a man and a woman. 1Cor.7:2. Homosexuality and lesbianism is evil, satanic and ungodly. (4) A Christian marriage is between a believing converted man and a believing converted woman no unequal yoke. A converted Christian must not marry an unconverted sinner no matter the church the unconverted sinner attends. 2Cor.6:14-18; Dt.7:1-4. (5) Divorce and remarriage not allowed in the Christian marriage. Mal.2:14-16; Mk.10:11-12; (6) Monogamy is the scriptural approved standard not polygamy. Mt.19:6; Gen. 2:24; Eph.5:33. (7) Marriage must not be between next of kin or close relation. Lev.18:6-18. (8) No immorality before marriage and never employ carnal method. Heb.13:4; Jer.10:23; Ezekiel.14:1-2. What preparation do you need to make before you can get into Christian marriage? (1) Get genuine salvation. John.3:3-7. (2) Sincerely seek guidance from God through prayer. Ps.32:8; John.10:27; Isaiah.42:16-20. (3) Be willing to follow the perfect will of God. Ps.143:10; John.6:38; (4) Seek pastoral counseling and follow scriptural rules. Pro.15:22. (5) Seek parental consent Gen.24:15-29. (6) Submit to Christian courtship, Christian courtship is period of planning for the future not a time of immorality or any form of evil practice. Pro.24:27. (7) Settle the bride price after courtship before wedding. Gen.34:12. (8) Service public notice for wedding 1Peter.2:14-14. (9) Solemnize the marriage through Christian wedding. John.2:1-11. (10) Make Jesus Christ the chief guest and governor of your marriage. Luke.24:29. “They constrained Him saying abide with us”. John.15:4-6. Without Him your marriage will not be happy one and will not really succeed. 

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