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You can download 1st term examination paper here.... Click here
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Late Rev. Cyril Fernando we give thank God for his great ministry in Sri Lanka. The 3rd Memorial Service will be at the Praise Ministries Maharagama main center  28th December 2011 at 5.30pm 
Books Released 12/19/2011
A book titled “Holy Spirit of God” in English written by Rev. Gunain Paul Fernando (Senior Pastor of PRAISE MINISTRIES  Maharagama Church and former Chairman of Spirit Filled Bible College).The first book was dedicated to Dr. Colton Wikramaratna Founder of AOG. 
Registration – before 9th of   January 2012

Class begins – 9th January 2012

Pnumatology (Holy Spirit)
Worship (Spirit and truth)

Music Class
Guitar, Organ, Drums
(Saturday morning)

School Subject

Business Studies year 10 and 11

School Christian Teachers

training class
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Spirit Filled Bible College